HIFU is an abbreviation for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound which is the therapeutic use of the ultrasound waves. the therapeutic use (sonotherapy).

HIFU therapy is used in medical use by generating the concentrated heat or stimulation inside the body without injuring the parts which are not the target. This technology is also useful in the field of the cosmetic doctor for eliminating the subcutaneous fat or the non-surgical lift . In people who are not enthusiastic to do the non-surgical lift of the face or because of having other illnesses, the anesthesia and surgery are prohibited for them, HIFU therapy can be replaced. In HIFU therapy, the deep layer of the skin is targeted and the epidermal layer will be untouched. In another word, the ultrasound wave concentration is under the skin and when passing through the skin surface, the waves energy will not be absorbed by the skin and there are not any significant changes in the skin surface. Treatment with this method is done in one session and there are not any specific side effects except the temporary redness and inflation in the skin. Its initial effect is immediately observed after the treatment and its long-term effect starts after 3 months.


Effects and Results of HIFU:

Lifting the eyebrow (without surgery)
Eliminating the dewlap (without surgery)
Lifting the face and neck (without surgery)
Firming the skin of the face and neck (without surgery)
Eliminating the ptosis and the exterior wrinkles of the eyes (crow’s feet wrinkles )
Reducing the depth of laughing and crying lines (elimination of drooping mouth corners )
Elimination of sagging skin under the chin (elimination of sagging under the face)
Eliminating the wrinkles of the face and top of the neck

According to doctors, the HIFU therapy method can be a safe and effective method in treating the skin drooping and other skin problems. HIFU therapy is a new, non-surgical and non-invasive method which is similar to the ultra-therapy in which the focused ultrasound waves and the natural regeneration process of the face are utilized for lifting the face, improving the skin condition and elimination of drooping eyebrows, neck, under the chin, and even on the top of the patient breasts.

Cosmetic Doctors use the HIFU Therapy for the Following Cases:

Lifting the eyebrows, eliminating the ptosis, eliminating the wrinkles around the eyes, treating the dark circle eyes, lifting the cheeks, high lifting the chin, eliminating the laughing line, eliminating the frown line , eliminating the dewlap, lifting the face, lifting the neck, lifting the forehead, treating the open skin pores, making angle in the jaw and making it to become obvious.

Number of the Required Treatments:

Most of the patients need only one treatment session for the face lifting. The results of this treatment can be obvious during 2 to 3 months or even 6 months after treating the person. After the treatment, the body will continue to generate new collagen for more than one year. After this time, it may be possible to repeat the HIFU therapy of the face skin for the patient.

Side Effects:

The patient may encounter a little redness or inflation after the treatment and there may be a little burning sensation. These symptoms will disappear in a few hours. In spite of the fact that the results of this therapeutic method is not obvious and clear to the amount of the face lifting surgery in elimination of drooping the face skin, HIFU therapy can make the appearance of your skin natural without presenting the lifting side effects and it will firm them and progressively make the skin young and fresh.