Mesotherapy: Dark Eye Circle Treatment

Experts declare that the dark eye circle is not the cause of a disease, but in many cases, there is a genetic and heritable factor in its appearance. “The dark eye circle is not generally related to a specific physical illness, but anatomical factors with the genetic and heritable origin are the cause of eye circle darkness,” said Dr. Alavi, a genetic specialist in this field. By mentioning people with dark eye circles, he told that the eye circle skin looks darker and explained that “It happens because the eyelids have a thin skin and they just have a little fat tissue, the blood which passes through the large veins close to this part of the eye circle skin, causes the skin of this part seems like a black bluish skin.»

Tiredness and wanness provides a temporary dark eye circle. This problem is increased in some women during the menstruation and at the end of the pregnancy. Age increasing can also be another reason for the existence of the dark eye circle.


Few Suggestions

• Never forget to use the topical exercises even at the massage level after the mesotherapy.
• Never forget to use the protein-rich diet.
• Keep away from wearing the tight pants because collection of the medicine in one part and lack of spreading it in the body can provide pain in the injected part.
• Try to drink at least 6 glasses of water in a day. This will help remove materials obtained from burning your fats.
• Keep away from consuming stimulants such as the caffeine before the treatment sessions.