The mesotherapy is consisting of the Greek word Meso means “middle” and Therapeia means “to treat medically” and it is one of the non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatments in which the homeopathic medicines which usually prescribed by the alternative medical doctors, enter the skin. This method is somewhat invasive and it is provided by subcutaneously or intracutaneously injecting a mixture of herbal extracts, pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, vitamins and other vital ingredients in the microscopic values.

The mesotherapy is not useful for any problem and it can easily be told that this method is a method of delivering the medicine and it should be recognized by the tissue repletion .

The mesotherapy is a new therapeutic method. In this method, the medicine is injected into different parts of the skin. Actually, instead of eating the medicine using the mouth, the medicine is directly injected into the skin. Multiple injections in the skin are provided by the mesotherapy machine at regular intervals.

Presently, this Method is Utilized in Treating the Following Cases:
Examples of Using the Mesotherapy in Cosmetics:

• Stretching the face skin (the lifting) and the treatment of drooping the face skin
• Eliminating the puffiness of the eyes and the eyelid drooping

• Eliminating the dark eye circle
• Treating the topical overweight of the body, limb and face
• Treating the cellulite and drooping the skins of the limbs and face
• Treating the melasma and the pregnancy marks or face spots
• Treating the hair loss and strengthening the hair
• Treating the striae (cracking the skin after the pregnancy)
• Eliminating the dewlap under the chin and neck

Mesotherapy and Rejuvenation of the Face and Neck Skin (Mesolift): Stretching the Face Skin Without Surgery

When the skin takes wrinkles, in fact under the skin will be emptied and the skin is cracked. In this situation, using the creams and topical treatments are not capable of reducing the depth of the wrinkles and they can only prohibit the formation of new wrinkles. In order to remove the created wrinkles, it is required to use the faster and more invasion treatments like surgery. In this case, the mesotherapy injections can be more helpful.