Micro needling is truthfully the Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy which restores the skin structural damages by mechanically stimulating the skin.

Collagen induction therapy (CIT) is useful for removing the delicate lines, scars and pimples and improving the general conditions of the skin. In this operation, very fine needles are used to provide very small skin injuries to motivate the generation of the collagen and elastin. The skin restoration process can thicken the dermal layer and soften the wrinkles. The skin will be stretched and tighter, its elasticity characteristics will return, the wrinkles and delicate lines will be impressively decreased, the skin pores will be smaller, the blood circulation will be stimulated and the general conditions of the skin will be better.


Doctor creates millions of microchannel in the epidermis and dermal using very small needles and by placing the needles in the skin, it increases the generation of the collagen and elastin by the fibroblasts. The keratinocytes are also transferred to the needling place in the epidermis and they are duplicated in that place and finally, the thickness of the epidermis is enhanced. Micro needling is done in two traditional methods provided by the derma roller machine and the mechanized method is utilized using the dermapen machine.

The derma roller is made up of a rotating roller with some needles on the roller and different sizes have been generated based on the required depth of penetration, the greater the needle height, the greater the depth of penetration and consequently, treatment is more effective and invasive. Selecting the needle size is different based on the place of the operation and the treatment type, but in many cases, the medium sizes (1.5 to 2 mm) are selected for the normal treatments.

The mechanized micro needling method is provided with the help of dermapen which is similar to a pen and some needles were inserted in it and by moving the needles, the skin perforation is done. In the dermapen machine, the depth of penetration for the needles is changeable and it is adjustable from 0.25 to 2.5 mm. The generated holes are very small and cannot be observed by the naked eye and they will be closed in a few hours and a little redness and inflation which is created after the micro needling will be disappeared after a few days and no sign will remain in the place.

Ordinarily, micro needling is a certain treatment with little side effects, but the following issues can be seen in some patients: at once the micro needling is done, the skin will be red and firm which is happened because of stimulating the collagen and shortening the skin strings or elastin. This redness will disappear after a few hours and when the treatment is deep (a depth larger than 1.5 mm), this redress may stay up to 2 days. Having a dry skin can be the other side effect of micro needling and for improving it, the moisturizing or repairing creams can be utilized. After micro needling, the skin will have inflammation and it will be sensitive to the sunlight, in that case, strong sunscreens can be used.