What is P.R.P.?
It is the abbreviated form of “Platelet rich plasma”, i.e. platelet (thrombocyte) enriched plasma procedure. It is a procedure, in which a small amount of blood is withdrawn from the patient, placed in a centrifuge (for separation) that separates its components, and then the obtained platelet rich plasma is injected into the same patient, with intent to provide skin rejuvenation and support the reconstruction.

The P.R.P. system is a method that supports the rejuvenation of the tissues by stimulating and activating the stem cells in the injection site.


What is the purpose of the P.R.P. procedure?
The task of platelets (thrombocyte cells) is to ensure tissue repair in the body, by ensuring the blood coagulation in case of any damage. And the P.R.P. system is intended to ensure that the platelets and growth factors obtained through a centrifugation process reach the site where they are needed.

Therefore the P.R.P procedure effective in the induction of collagen production is the leading procedure among the procedures intended for rejuvenating our skin, and rapidly renewing our hair, face, body, i.e all the area of our body.

P.R.P. Application:
A certain amount of blood taken from the person is subjected to a centrifugation process for separating the platelets. The concentration of separated platelets is 10 times higher than the normal concentration in the blood. The resulting separated platelets (thrombocyte cells) are injected into the treatment site. Under the skin, the platelets ensure the release of growth factors. Growth factors act by increasing the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid for ensuring the tissue repair, skin rejuvenation and eliminating the skin problems such as wrinkles and acne, in an effective way.