Normally, Q switch laser machine is utilized to remove the tattoo and the way it works is this way that it blows up the color particles inside the skin and change them into the particles. These particles are removed by the necrophagous cells and they are slightly repulsed, therefore the fundamental act of removing the tattoo is done by the immune cells of the body and actually, they eat the fine colors and destroy them.

Applications of Q Switch Laser Machine

Eliminating and completely cleaning the tattoos of the body and face
Eliminating the tattoos and birthmarks of the body and face
Eliminating the skin stains, bruises and brown spots
Eliminating the moles and freckles of the body and face


– Pregnant women
– People with the herpes histories (until being sure about its complete treatment)
– Leucoderma disease
– Existence of hives in the body

Q switch Laser Machine

In the Q Switch laser, there is more beautiful results and fewer possible side effects. Now, a hundred percent elimination of tattoos in one or two sessions using a special laser cannot be claimed.
Since there are many different colors in the tattoos and pigments enter in different depths of the skin, for eliminating these pigments, different laser sessions and various lasers with different wavelengths are needed. Unfortunately, sometimes different methods like the skin abrasion, cold therapy (cryotherapy), electrosurgery or even the destructive methods like rubbing with the salt and other materials which will have an unpleasant look are used in order to remove the tattoo.