Subcision is a simple, outpatient and safe method with a different and fundamental mechanism in treating the atrophic scars (pitted) such as spot place, suture and chickenpox places, etc. Together the subcision and micro needling can also be the best treatment for the atrophic scars (pitted).

For removing the most or a number of the pitted spot places, the helping punch and cupping therapies are used according to the doctor opinion. In the subcision method, the method of releasing the connective tissues or the fibrotic tissues is utilized to treat and remove the spot places. The subcision is done with a standard machine with special needles called Nokor Needle. The subcision method is utilized to treat the spot place or treat the so-called deep cicatrix caused by acne.

One of the most significant factors in providing the pitted cicatrix in acne is the existence of adhesions and fibrosis under them which stretch the skin to inside and make the pitted cicatrices. The subcision is a very effective method to improve the pitted cicatrices and stretched cicatrices of acne. The subcision uses the specific needle to enter the fibrotic tissue and the fibrotic tissues are horizontally cut.

Requirements and Attentions Before Doing the Subcision:

1- Take a shower before the subcision
2- If you are one of the patients with dialysis and transplant or patients with specific diseases, inform your doctor
3- If you consume any kind of medicine or you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, inform your doctor
4- Before the subcision, wash your face with water and soap and eliminate the oil, medicine or cosmetics
5- If you use warfarin , heparin and aspirin, do not use the medicine up to 3 days before the treatment after consulting with your doctor
6- If you are a patient of diabetes, blood pressure and the special or chronic diseases, continue consuming your medicines as described after consulting with your doctor
7- In the patients with the herpes history, the acyclovir tablet is preventively prescribed and consuming the acyclovir tablet will continue until improving the lesions.
8- If you have any infectious diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS and …., inform your doctor

9- If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, inform your doctor
10- Patients with the active acne (spot) need to successfully treat the acne before performing the subcision.


Requirements and Attentions After Doing the Subcision:

After the subcision, the patient should prevent to use water for the 2 holes provided on the sides of the face for 24 to 48 hours and use the antibiotic ointment on them. Bruise after the operation is normal which will improve in 8 to 10 days. The number of sessions of the subcision is not more than 5 sessions according to the doctor opinion.