Currently, the newest and most advanced slimming machine , fitness in the world is the Ultrasound machine which can make fitness in one day.

The advantages of Ultrasound are mentioned in the following:
1- After working with Ultrasound, person can be immediately dismissed.
2- The Ultrasound machine has a high safety and because of this reason, it can be used at the clinic.
3- It is can be utilized in all parts of the body such as face and dewlap .
4- Because the Ultrasound utilizes the safe longitudinal waves, burns are not possible.
5- Averagely, each 1000 cc fat is leached and removed in a period of 10 minutes using the Ultrasound machine.
6- The fat cells which are affected by the Ultrasound are entirely removed.
7- After passing first two years of the human life, if the fat cell is lost, the body will not be able to reproduce it again.
8- Currently, the machine that because of having a high safety, is capable of superficially leaching and remove the fats and it is able to remove the superficial fat among the abdominal muscles to provide a six-fold view is the Ultrasound machine. Because other machines cannot superficially act because of having low safety and providing side effects and imperfections.
9- Ultrasound is the only machine which can remove both superficial and deep fats because of having the ability and high safety.
10- The ultrasound machine can eliminate the fat cells by providing the negative pressure in the fat cells and increasing the sudden volume in the fat cells which are completely independent from the diet.
11- Ultrasound is only efficient on the fat cells and it does not have any effects on other tissues of the body.

Reasons That Make Ultrasound Superior Than Old Seismic Vibration Technologies (Infrasonic):
Infrasonic systems are the old ones (1996) which utilize the vibration to remove the fat tissue and they are not able to eliminate the fat cells (therefore, results are reversible) while the ultra-z uses the ultrasonic waves to eliminate the fat cells and the results are irreversible. In the meantime, the seismic-vibration mode is the infrasonic systems is like the asphalt cutter drill and it causes some injuries in the patient, tiredness and pain in hands and shoulders. Additionally, the high sound of the infrasonic systems pumps which act like the industrial compressors , provides more noises in the area and by increasing the time of surgery, it causes mental tiredness in the surgeon while the ultra-z machine is ultra-fast, safe and silent.
Infrasonic systems are not usable in weak points of the body like face and dewlap because of having the low safety while ultra-z is usable in the face and body and even in the superficial parts because of having a high safety.
One of the other problems of the infrasonic systems (full vibration systems) is the long time of surgery even longer than the older liposuction systems while the ultra-z is ultra-fast and safe.
Ultrasound is able to provide the superficial lipolysis and remove the fats in the surface and among the muscles and make the six-fold view in the abdomen because of having more safety while the infrasonic systems are not capable of doing this because of having the old technology and low safety.
Another significant point is that the Ultrasound utilizes the safe longitudinal ultrasound waves for eliminating the fat cells while the infrasonic systems do not use the sound and they use the stroke like the old liposuction machines to cut the fat and as you understand, stroke can cause embolism and kill the patient.